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Proving the length of stay


  • In case of citizens of third countries, the length of continuous temporary stay in the Czech Republic includes any stay on a long-term visa or long-term residence permit. Periods on a short-term visa or without a visa are not included.
  • It is only necessary to submit documents proving the length of the stay in the Czech Republic if it is not clear from the official MOI records that the condition for the length of the temporary stay is met.
  • This may be the case of EU citizens,  whereas it would be necessary to submit a document proving the period of the actual temporary residence in the Czech Republic (e.g. a work contract with a place of employment in the Czech Republic, confirmation from the employer of starting and ending employment, a document on registration and payments to public health insurance and other documents that separately, or together with other documents, prove the applicant’s actual length of stay in the Czech Republic).


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