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When and how is RIA applied?

The RIA Guidelines include the process rules for carrying out impact assessment of the regulation while applying a two-tier process. This one means RIA is applied either within the shortened version (so-called Small RIA) or, when expecting broad impacts or in case of the strategic government policies, a more in-depth analysis is carried out (so-called Big RIA). At the same time, some exemptions are stated providing for possibilities in which RIA is not carried out at all or when only Small RIA is implemented although the quantitative or qualitative indicators for performance of Big RIA would have been otherwise met (e.g. in case of proposals for changes of tax rates or whenever the amount of regulated prices is concerned or, the amount of benefits, insurance or pensions is adjusted without changes in the structure of taxes, prices, benefits, insurance or pensions). Simplified approach is also applied to the draft legal regulation implementing EC/EU legislation. These cases are meant to reduce the amount of administrative burden for the public administration authorities.

On the other hand, Big RIA shall be elaborated in case of all draft legal regulations designated as such by the Government with a view to its priorities, and furthermore those indicated so by passing a resolution on another related document or when the following criteria are met:


• presumption of major one-off (single) impacts amounting to at least 30 million CZK (i) a year or (ii) per one group of subjects, or
• cumulated impacts (recurring or sum total of several single impacts) mounting at least to the sum of 140 million CZK.


• expected impacts likely to disadvantage some social groups and their possible assertion in society,
• impacts on economic competition, and/or
• impacts that principally change the conditions of the functioning of the market /correct a market failure.

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