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Travelling within the EU/Schengen


Travelling of children

Generally, the basic rule of requiring your own travel document to travel (passport or identity card) is also valid for children (minors).

Some states allow children to travel without their own document on condition that they travel with a parent who has them entered in their travel document (in principle with a passport, some states also allow them to be entered into the identity card).  We recommend verifying this fact, however, at the consular office of the state that your are planning to travel to. The option of children (nationals of one of the Schengen states) being able to travel on the travel document of one of their parents ends on 26 June 2012 at latest. It will then be necessary for every child who is travelling to identify him/herself with a valid passport.

As concerns free movement in the EU/Schengen, if a child is both a family member of an EU citizen and a non-EU citizen, the possibilities for moving in the EU / Schengen are the same as those for an adult.


21st December 2015

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