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Transport of Items

Weapons, fireworks, medicines and drugs and limits on consumer goods and transportation of selected products to/from the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany 

  1. Limits on Consumer Goods and Transport of Selected Products to/from the Territory of Germany
  2. Weapons
  3. Fireworks
  4. Medicines and Drugs

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Limits on Consumer Goods and Transport of Selected Products to/from the Territory of Germany
If a citizen of the Czech Republic transports consumer goods across the border with Germany as a private person, that is, not as part of their business, but for their own needs, such person will be obliged to pay excise tax only in the Member State in which the goods were purchased.
For some types of consumer goods, there are quantity limits for transportation of consumer goods across the borders between the EU Member States for one’s own needs.
Consumer goods
Tobacco products
800 pieces
Cigars weighing up to 3 g per piece
400 pieces
200 pieces
Tobacco for smoking
1 kg
Alcoholic beverages
10 l
Sparkling wines
60 l
90 l
110 l
Other products
10 kg
Products containing coffee
10 kg
The rules for transporting goods for one’s own needs do not apply to those goods that have not been properly taxed in the territory of an EU Member State, that is, particularly to counterfeits.
In addition, German regulations prohibit the import, export and also any form of reproduction of prohibited propaganda materials relating to banned political parties or societies. These include, for example, Deutsche Alternative, die Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, die Nationalistische Front and others. Materials related to the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, including all slogans associated with it, such as Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil and many others are especially banned. Handling imitations of prohibited materials is also a crime.
It is also prohibited to export paper documents or other data media which incite hatred towards a certain group of inhabitants or insult them or otherwise defile them.

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