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Permanent residence


Permanent residence permit for EU Blue Card holders

A foreign national that has met the condition of 5 years of continuous residence in Member States of the European Union as holder of an EU Blue Card may apply for a permanent residence permit if, as the holder of a Blue Card, he/she has lived in the Czech Republic for at least 2 years. In the event of a positive decision, the status of a long-term resident of the EC shall likewise be recognised for such a foreign national.

The period of staying in another EU Member State is not included in the period of 5 years of continuous residence in Member States if the holder of the Blue Card issued by this EU Member State resided in its territory for a period shorter than 18 months. The period a Blue Card holder was absent from the territory of EU Member States is counted in the required period of continuous residence, if the individual period of absence did not exceed 12 consecutive months and if it did not exceed 560 days in total. Similarly, this provision is used for a family member of a Blue Card holder who has been issued a long-term residence permit for the purpose of family unification.

The following requirements must be submitted with the application:

  1. travel document,
  2. fulfillment of the condition of 5 years continuous residence in the territory of EU Member States as a Blue Card holder,
  3. 2 photographs,
  4. proof of accommodation,
  5. proof of funds,
  6. Czech language examination certificate (more information available on the official website Čeština pro cizince),
  7. upon request a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register record.

The requirements for the application shall not be older than 180 days except for the travel document, the birth certificate, the document demonstrating the requisite knowledge of the Czech language and the photograph of the foreign national if it corresponds to his/her actual appearance.

Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, October 23rd, 2023

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