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Long-term residence


The purpose of "business"

An application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of business can only be filed at the MOI, if you are already staying in the Czech Republic on a visa for a stay of over 90 days for the same purpose.

Along with the application, submit these requirements:

  1. travel document,

  2. proof of accommodation,

  3. photographs; not valid if a pictorial record has been taken of you,

  4. proof of finance - a document proving that your aggregate monthly income alongside all persons residing in the Czech Republic with you will not be lower than the sum amount of the subsistence minimum for you and all persons assessed together with you and the highest amounts of standard costs for accommodation specified for the purpose of a contribution for accommodation by a special legal regulation, or the amount which you can credibly prove as an amount of reasonably justified costs for accommodation of yourself and all persons assessed together with you;

    • a foreigner is on request obliged to submit the declaration of release obligation of secrecy of the Tax Office, in full range of data, in purpose of verification aggregate monthly income of the family; if a foreigner submitted the document to the request of income of the family member, he/she is on request also obliged to submit its declaration of release obligation of secrecy

  5. a document confirming the entry into the pertinent business register, list or record,

  6. confirmation of non - existence of arrears,

  7. if you are the statutory body of a company or cooperative or its member, then a further confirmation of non - existence of arrears the company or cooperative,

  8. upon request an income tax assessment,

  9. upon request extract from the Penal  Register record,

  10. upon request a document proving the fulfilment of conditions set out in the measure of Ministry of Health on prevention of the spread of infectious illnesses (medical report),

  11. a document on travel medical insurance, and upon request a document on having paid the insurance premium, it does not apply, if it is about cases listed in § 180j paragraph 4.

Requisites of the request cannot be older than 180 days, except the passport and photograph of a foreigner, if it is not responsible to his/her real portrait. The confirmation of non-existence of arrears shall be no older than 30 days to the date of submission of the application.

The time-limit for issuing a decision on an application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of business is 60 days.

Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, April 12th, 2023

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