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Language of the proceedings and interpreting


Under Section 16 of the Administrative Procedure Code, the proceedings are held and the documents are to be produced in the Czech language. Parties to proceedings may act and produce documents also in the Slovak language. Correspondence written in a foreign language must be submitted by a party to proceedings in the original version together with an officially certified translation into Czech.
If the applicant does not speak the language in which proceedings are held, he/she has the right to an interpreter from the list of interpreters, in accordance with Section 16(3) of the Administrative Procedure Code. The applicant must arrange for the interpreter’s at his/her own expense. The MOI CR will appoint this interpreter by resolution for the act in question in the proceedings. An interpreter already on the list of sworn interpreters is not required to take an interpreter’s oath to the MOI CR. You can find the list of official translators and interpreters here.
A person who is not on the list is admissible under Section 24(1) of the Act on Experts and Interpretersas an interpreter whom the foreign national brings at his/her own expense to an act (e.g. to interview), if an interpreter for the language required does not appear on the list or if an interpreter appearing on the list cannot perform the act, or if performance of the act by the interpreter would involve excessive difficulty or expense. Such a person must have the necessary professional skills to perform an act of interpreting and must consent to interpreting. Satisfaction of the conditions of Section 24(1) of the Experts and Interpreters Act must be proved by the interpreter and applicant (e.g. sufficient professional skills in the case of the interpreter, and, in the case of the applicant, where the excessive difficulty or expense lie, preventing him/her from choosing an interpreter from the list of interpreters). The administrative authority will verify whether these requirements are satisfied. In accordance with Section 11(1) of the Experts and Interpreters Act, a person whose lack of bias in relation to the case, the authority conducting the proceedings, the parties or their legal representatives may be in doubt.   
The MOI CR will appoint this person as interpreter for the act in question in the proceedings.  
These requirements do not apply to persons acting as intermediaries in communication with the MOI CR during standard representative acts, if, however, they are in the position of legal representative and, as such, duly perform (power of attorney submitted, attaching his/her signature to, for instance, comments on background materials before a decision is issued). If this involves an act of a nature of those under Section 34(2) of the Administrative Procedure Code which the applicant is required to perform in person (e.g. interview), the person specified in the preceding sentence (the legal representative) is inadmissible as the interpreter and interpreting must be performed by a person satisfying the requirements for interpreters.  
If, where necessary, the applicant arranges for a person who does not satisfy the requirements as an interpreter, in spite of the MOI CR instructions (e.g. for a summons to interview), the MOI CR will not admit this person to act as interpreter and will not perform the act. The MOI CR will set a new date and time for performing the act (e.g. a new summons to interview) and will arrange for an interpreter who satisfies the requirements. If the MOI CR incurs costs of proceedings which it would otherwise not have incurred, it will impose the obligation to reimburse costs of proceedings, which are the costs for an interpreter whose interpreting has been arranged by the MOI CR (Section 79(6) of the Administrative Procedure Code).
If, during the proceedings, the MOI CR performs an act as part of which it has dealings with a person who is not the applicant (interview with a subsidiary party to proceedings, witness etc.) and this person does not speak Czech, the MOI CR will arrange for and appoint by resolution an interpreter for this person – this is not a person who is required to arrange for an interpreter him/herself at his/her own expense, since this is not the applicant who provoked proceedings on his/her own application for his/her benefit. Such a person will be informed of the language of proceedings and his/her right to an interpreter in the summons and called upon to announce his/her need for an interpreter to the MOI CR without delay, so that the MOI CR may arrange for an interpreter. In the event that such a person reports for the act and it becomes clear that an interpreter will have to be arranged although this person failed to inform the MOI CR of this fact, the MOI CR will give the person a new summons with a different date and time and arrange for an interpreter, even if this person has brought a person to interpret for him/her who is not on the list of interpreters.     

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