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How do I find out whether a decision has been made on my application?


A precise time period laid down by law applies to all applications for residence permit, see here. While following the course of time period applicable for a specific set of proceedings, you must take into account the possibility of suspension of proceedings due to additional information being required by the MOI CR when the elapse of time period is also suspended
The applicant is entitled to know the reference number of his/her application, and also, if desired, to demand a confirmation of submission of the application where this number will be indicated.
Thanks to the reference number, the party to proceedings will have the opportunity to view the list of approved applications which is regularly updated here. In the same place, you can find instructions on when to contact the office to arrange picking up the residence permit, and/or to provide biometric data. This list does not contain information on rejected applications, since in such a situation the party to the proceedings always receives postal notification of this.                   
According to Section 80(3) of the Administrative Procedure Code, if the administrative authority will not render a decision in rem in a statutory time period, the applicant may lodge an application for execution of measures against inactivity in accordance with Section 80 of the Administrative Procedure Code. 
In the case of applications submitted to a Czech embassy, all information will be communicated to the applicant via the embassy which, dependent on local conditions, will choose the most suitable method of contacting the applicant.  

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