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The Ministry of Health updated the Protective Measure regarding the conditions of entry into the Czech Republic

As of August 23rd, 2021 in accordance with the full vaccination certificate coming into effect, anti-epidemic measures will be eased also for vaccinated third country citizens, under the condition that the third country citizen has been vaccinated by a vaccine approved by European Medicine Agency (EMA) or by its equivalent. 

Vaccinated persons must be holders of a certificate on completed vaccination course against COVID-19, whose template is published in the list of recognised certificates on the website of the Ministry of the Health of the Czech Republic. Without the obligation to meet other epidemiological measures, vaccinated persons travelling from countries for which an implementing act in accordance with the European Union regulation on EU digital COVID certificates was adopted may also enter the territory of the Czech Republic. These persons can newly travel to the Czech Republic for any reason and at the same time, they can benefit from visa services at Czech embassies that are fully available again. This shall not apply to countries with an extreme risk of COVID-19, in which the visa services are still limited to certain type of titles.

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August 20th, 2021

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