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By clicking on the below attached excel file, you will access the list of all approved applications for temporary, long-term and permanent residencies including extensions of the first two to a specific date, listed by receipt number (č.j.) and newly extension of the long-term visa (visa for over 90 days). This list does not contain information on short or long-term visas.

This list sums approved applications only, not processed or denied applications.

After opening the attached file, which contains a separate sheet for temporary and long term residency applications and a separate sheet for permanent residency applications, you will see a list of receipt numbers of applications for a given period. Receipt numbers are listed chronologically. To find your receipt number, press CTRL + F, enter your receipt number or its part into the “find” window, choose to search the entire “book” and click on "find all".

Example: If receipt number of your application is OAM-0334-5/PP-2015, then you will search for 334/PP-2015. Found result will be as follows: OAM-334/PP-2015.

If the system finds your receipt number it means your application was approved. In this case, please call the relevant MOI office. The receipt numbers are listed in sections according to particular MOI offices.

If you do not find your receipt number on the list, do not attempt to contact the office or the information line. Please visit this website regularly or wait until you are contacted.

This list is updated once a week.

The list of approved applications now includes a separate sheet for employee cards.

Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, 21 February 2017

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