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Specification of Exemption from Prohibition of Entry to the Czech Republic and Prohibition of Exiting the Territory for Cross-border Workers / Pendlers

From March 26th, 2020 conditions have been mitigated for so-called pendling for workers in health sector, social services and integrated rescue system - it applies to border crossing with the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Germany. 

This exemption specifically applies to the following working positions:

I.  Workers in Health Sector

A) Professions according to the Act No. 95/2004 Coll. on Requirements for Acquisition of Recognition of Professional Competence to Practise the Profession of a Physician, Dentist and Pharmacist, accordingly:

  1. physician,
  2. dentist,
  3. pharmacist.

B) Professions according to the Act No. 96/2004 Coll. on on Conditions for Attaining and Recognizing Qualifications to Perform Professions Other than Medical Professions and to Perform Activities relating to Health Care Provision  and on the Amendment to Some Other Acts (the Act on Professions Other than Medical Professions), accordingly:

  1. general nurse,
  2. paediatric nurse,
  3. midwife,
  4. occupational therapist,
  5. radiologic assistant,
  6. medical laboratory technician,
  7. health-social worker,
  8. optometrist,
  9. orthoptist,
  10. assistant for protection and promotion of public health,
  11. orthotics-prosthetics,
  12. nutrition therapist,
  13. dental technician,
  14. dental hygienist,
  15. paramedic,
  16. pharmaceutical assistant,
  17. biomedical technician,
  18. radiological technician,
  19. addictologist,
  20. practical nurse,
  21. behavioral analyst,
  22. psychologist,
  23. speech therapist in healthcare,
  24. visual therapist,
  25. physiotherapist,
  26. radiological physicist,
  27. specialist in laboratory methods and in the preparation of medicinal products,
  28. biomedical engineer,
  29. specialist in the protection and promotion of public health,
  30. behavioral analyst assistant,
  31. behavioral technician,
  32. laboratory assistant,
  33. orthotics-prosthetics technician,
  34. nutrition assistant,
  35. assistant dental technician,
  36. emergency ambulance vehicle driver,
  37. caretaker,
  38. masseur in health care and blind and visually impaired masseur in health care,
  39. dental instrumentation nurse,
  40. driver of medical transport service,
  41. autoptic laboratory technician,
  42. medical orderly.

II. Workers in Social Services

Professions according to the Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on social services, accordingly:

A worker in social services is a person who provides

  1. direct service care for persons in outpatient or resident social service facilities focusing on practise of basic daily activities, assistance with personal hygiene and dressing, manipulation with equipment, aids, clothes, keeping tidiness and personal hygiene, support of self-sufficiency, strengthening life activation, creation of basic social and sociable contacts and satisfaction of psychosocial needs,

  2. basic educational non-pedagogical activity focusing on deepening and strenghtening basic hygiene and social habits,  action on creation and developing work habits, manual skills and work activity, carrying out leisure activities focused on development of personality, interests, knowledge and creative abilities through art, music and physical education, securing leisure and cultural activities,

  3. nursing activity in a household of a person focusing on works connected with direct contact with persons with physical and psychological difficulties, complex care about their household, provision of social assistance, carrying out social screenings under the guidance of a social worker, provision of assistance with creation of social and sociable contacts and psychological activation, organizational provision and comprehensive coordination of care activities and provision of personal assistance.

  4. under the supervision of a social worker activities focusing on basic social counselling, screening activities, educational and activation activities, activities in mediating contact with the social environment, activities to provide assistance in the exercise of rights and legitimate interests and in the procurement of personal matters.

III. Workers of Integrated Rescue System

Professions according to the Act No. č. 239/2000 Coll., on integrated rescue system, professions in the following basic components:

  1. Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic,
  2. Fire protection units included in the area coverage of the region by fire protection units,
  3. Emergency medical service providers,
  4. Police of the Czech Republic.


March 27th, 2020

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