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9.What are the main tasks and responsibilities of the National Rapporteur in your country?

  • 9.1.Monitoring and analyses of the situation, trends and possible threads.
  • 9.2.Collection of data on THB.
    • 9.2.1.There is a central collection of a statistical data on THB and the data is received from various stakeholders.
      • If yes, please provide information on the nature of the stakeholders. (E. g. Ministry of Justice, Police, Labour Inspectors, Embassies, NGOs, etc.).
        The Directorate General for Combating Organized Crime within the Inspectorate General of Romanian Police, the Inspectorate General of Romanian Border Police, Prosecutors Offices, Supreme Council of Magistrates, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour, Equal Opportunities and Family, Ministry of Health, county General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection, County School Inspectorates, NGOs etc. 
      • 9.2.2.Is some of the data collected directly by the National Rapporteurs office? (E. g. personal data on the following).
      • persons  
      • persons
      • other relevant data
  • 9.3.Coordination of anti-trafficking activities on a national level.
  • 9.4.National Reports.
  • 9.4.1. Annual reports.
  • 9.4.2. Reports based on a longer period. Please describe period length and state why this specific period of time was chosen.   
  • 9.5.Preparation and evaluation of the National Action Plans.
    • 9.5.1.To whom are the above mentioned documents submitted?
      To the Romanian Government 
    • 9.5.2.Who approves these documents?
      The Romanian Government 
    • 9.5.3.Who enforces the actions stipulated by the documents?
      All ministries and institutions whose responsibilities are specified in the National Action Plans.
  • 9.6.International cooperation in the majority of the above mentioned areas.
  • 9.7.Other – please introduce briefly.
    • establishment of the indicators and evaluation criteria of the trafficking in persons phenomenon;
    • submitting proposals for the amendment and supplement of the legislation in the field of trafficking in persons;
    • developing own programs for preventing the trafficking in persons and for providing assistance to the victims of trafficking;
    • drawing up national interest programs on preventing trafficking in persons and assistance provided to the victims of trafficking with the view of their social reintegration;
    • others

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