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RIA Guidelines

The Government adopted the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Guidelines (pdf, 196 kB) on 13th August 2007 (Government Resolution No. 877/2007). This decision represented the last precondition for formal implementation of RIA into the decision-making process in the Czech Republic and concluded the pilot phase of the implementation of the RIA process in the Czech Republic launched in April 2005 during which the first version of RIA Guidelines were tested on the chosen set of concrete proposals.

The RIA Guidelines provides for the general process rules for carrying out the RIA whereas particular steps of the assessment are to be gradually developed within specialized manuals exploiting analytical methods and including concrete examples. Until now, three methodologies (the last one in the form of recommendation) are used within the RIA process, namely:

Methodology for Determining the Amount and Source of Administrative Burden on Businesses, v 1.2. (pdf, 84 kB)

Methodology for the Calculation of the Planned Costs for the Performance of Public Administration (pdf,125 kB)

Proposal of Procedure to Introduce Methodology for Public Consultation at Elaboration of Government Documents (in the form of recommendation, not binding) (pdf, 130 kB)

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