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Reporting changes


Change of address

EU citizens or their family members are required to report a change in the place of residence within 30 working days of this change occurring. This obligation  applies if the change in the place of residence is expected to last longer than 180 days.

A change in the place of residence (new place of residence) is reported to the MOI office in the area of the new place of residence, by completing the Form for reporting changes.

This change is not entered in the “Certificate of Temporary Residence  of an EU Citizen”, instead a new certificate is issued. The change in the place of residence is entered in all other documents.

To report this change, the foreign national provides:

The change can be reported on behalf of a foreign national by a different person on the basis of a power of attorney. The power of attorney must demonstrate that it was signed for this specific purpose. The signatures on the power of attorney do not have to be notarized. All the administrative proceedings are done on the spot. In case a new identity card is issued, it is necessary that the foreigner present him/herself at the Ministry to collect the residence card.

If a foreign national is prevented from reporting the change within the legally required period due to reasons outside of his/her control, he/she must report the change within 3 working days of these reasons ending. The foreign national must prove these reasons. If the change is not reported within the legally required period and there is no obstacle that is outside of the foreign national’s control, the delay in reporting a change will be judged as a violation and a fine can be imposed.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, January 14th, 2020

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