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Reduction of Administrative Burden and Simplification

Reduction of administrative burden

Evaluation of administrative burden is one of the main instruments applied to improve the quality of legislation; it consists in a measurement of costs connected with fulfilment of the imposed information obligations.

Legislation (laws, by-laws, ordinances, regulations) cause direct financial costs (result of a specific duty to pay certain financial means in favour of a responsible authority), indirect financial costs (related to compliance with imposed requirements for industrial processes and products) and costs directly connected with the fulfilment of an information obligation, i. e. administrative burden.

TheStandard Cost Model (pdf, 230 kB) is used to calculate administrative burden; this model is based on measurement of costs expended for accomplishment of certain activities connected with fulfilment of an information obligation imposed by legislation.

The process of evaluation of administrative burden in the Czech Republic is focused on:

  • reduction of administrative burden of businesses;
  • simplifying of administrative demandingness of the imposed information obligations.

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