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Psychological Service of the Ministry of the Interior

Psychological service deals with domains of disaster psychology; psychology of crisis management; coordination of psychology compartments within the security forces and personnel psychology  

Basic description and activities of the Psychology Section, Personnel Department of the Ministry of the Interior (MoI)
Psychological service of MoI deals with 4 main domains: 
  • Disaster psychology
  • Psychology of crisis management
  • Coordination of psychology compartments within the security forces
  • Personnel psychology
Disaster psychology and psychology of crisis management is a relatively new branch we are successfully targeting in recent years in regard of Ministry of Interior’s connection with Integrated Rescue System (IRS). We are participating in analysis and plans for crisis management, preparation of IRS trainings and simulations, development of methodical guidelines and recommendations for emergencies. In addition, Psychology Section of MoI is coordinating psychologists of the Police and the Fire and Rescue Service or providing direct psychosocial support for Czech citizens in case of large scale emergencies in the Czech Republic or abroad (such as the tsunami in south-east Asia, 2004; terrorist attack in Egypt, 2005; train accident of EuroCity108 in Studénka – north Moravia, 2008; floods 2009 in the Czech Republic).
Work in the area of crisis management involves educational activities when we are passing information and knowledge to the individual departments and regional workplaces of IRS but also legislative cooperation in this area. Furthermore, we are in close collaboration with international partners and we participate in the different worldwide projects – experience sharing, security and emergency research cooperation and coordination, active participation in international conferences (within the EU or other states, such as Israel or USA). Besides, we are in close collaboration with the Czech institutions and organizations, i.e. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Charles University in Prague or Czech Airlines and as well with non-governmental organizations.
Following the act number 361/2003 Collection (Service Act of the Czech security forces) - the Psychology Section of MoI has become psychological and methodological coordination centerfor leading psychologists of Czech security forces (Police, Fire Rescue Service, Custom Administration, Prison Service, Security Information Service, Office for Foreign Relations and Information), which facilitates cooperation among the security forces in the area of psychological activities.
In the framework of personnel psychology we are involved in selections procedures, assessments of candidates and education of new colleagues. Psychology unit offers counseling, support and psychotherapy to the employees of MoI and their family members, and they have also possibility to contact anonymous helpline (7/24).

Psychology Section, Human Resources Department , 17 February 2010

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