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Project for support of information literacy in Zambia successfully continues

Employees of the Ministry of the Interior train students in Nkomba Basic School which is localized near the village of Nampundwe, about 50 kilometers from the capital city of Lusaka. 

Zambia.jpgZambian students

The main goal of the current project is to verify the delivery and utilization of computers from previous project while offering the course aimed at advancement of the already acquired skills. Students should also learn how to maintain computers in extreme African conditions and how to fix any potential problems. This will ensure long-term sustainability.
Radim Vypušťák, director of the International Relations Department, stated that computers purchased under previous project are actually used and access to them is allowed even for pupils from neighborhood schools. Czech lector Jiří Průša added that Zambian students have great interest in participating in the course and don’t want to leave school even after eight hours of education.

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