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An independent National Rapporteur Human Trafficking was appointed in the Netherlands in 2000. As our National Rapporteur covers all aspects of Human Trafficking (law enforcement, B9, assistance and care to victims, international cooperation) different ministries should be involved in establishing the Rapporteur. For this reason the national government appointed our National Rapporteur.
The function of the National Rapporteur is exercised by an accredited independent agency (1 National Rapporteur - who also is a - part time - judge with a staff of 6 persons).
The National Rapporteur is independent and has no specific tasks other than monitoring all aspects of human trafficking policy. Obvious advantage is the neutral objective look at our national policy of our independent Rapporteur. A possible disadvantage could be a distance towards departments and involved services such as police, science, prosecutors and victim assistance organizations; such a disadvantage has not been currently recognized by the National Rapporteur.
Every 4 years an evaluation takes place and a decision on continuation is made by the government. No time limit was set in 2000 when the National Rapporteur and agency was established. Every year the National Rapporteur submits a report to the government on statistics. Every other year a full report with concrete recommendations is submitted to the government. The government addresses the recommendations in policy papers, legislative proposals and in activities initiated by the Task Force Human trafficking (chaired by the Procurator General). Government initiatives are discussed with Parliament.
The National Rapporteur is a member of the Task Force.
Financial support 5 involved ministries (Justice, Interior, Health, Labor and Foreign Affairs) and logistic support by the Ministry of Justice.

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