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Ministerial conference at Chateau Štiřín

On 24 and 25 May 2012, a meeting of interior ministers of Salzburg Forum took place at Chateau Štiřín. The meeting was organized by the Czech Republic as a country, which currently chairs this regional grouping. Representatives of the European Commission and Europol also attended the meeting as observers, in addition to the representatives of member countries. 

The conference had several interesting moments. We can consider signing the Agreement on cooperation in the protection of witnesses, signed by eight of the nine member states. Poland is going to sign the agreement later, when national approval process is completed.

Another important factor is the agreement of the ministers on sending a letter expressing support for the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen to current and upcoming EU presidency and to the attention of all member states of the European Union and the European Commission.

The most interesting and most beneficial was the course of the discussion on the points relating to the Schengen cooperation, and on the new legal basis of Europol. Polish Minister Jack Cichocki introduced the security measures during the Euro 2012. The presentation of Hungarian Minister Sandor Pinter on preparing a new eighteen-month work program was also one of other interesting points of the conference.

The final outcome of the conference was a joint Ministerial Declaration of the Salzburg Forum.


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