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The role of National Rapporteur or Equivalent Mechanism is not established in Malta. No concrete steps have been taken as yet, however, this is not due to any particular obstacles. It is mainly because to date, the trafficking of human beings problem is quite limited in Malta. Before establishing the National Rapporteur, Malta believes that it is important that the exact role and objectives are established. Furthermore, it must be acknowledged that finding the right person who is not already involved in trafficking of human beings matters will not be an easy task. Malta believes that each Member State should be free to decide whether it would be advisable to establish a National Rapporteur or equivalent mechanism, according to the needs of that particular Member State.
In Malta there is a national contact person within the Malta Police Force who liaises on all trafficking of human beings matters. It should be noted that the Malta Police have always been on the forefront on issues related to trafficking of human beings, both on national and on international platforms.
On a national level, when dealing with anti-trafficking activities, the Police co-ordinate with other stakeholders, including NGOs and Embassies in particular with regard to protection of the victims. Immigration Officers also contribute through the identification of potential victims and assistance in the repatriation process of the victims.  

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