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So far, Luxembourg has neither appointed a national rapporteur, nor it created other mechanisms for this area. The informal coordination works on an ad hoc basis.
The legislative proposal (Bill No.5874), which has not been adopted yet, concerns victims of trafficking in human beings and their protection. Article 12 of the bill proposed to establish a Committee to monitor trafficking in human beings to coordinate and monitor prevention and to evaluate the threat posed by such trafficking.
The Committee to monitor trafficking in human beings will be the only coordination body in this field. It will be composed of representatives of public bodies responsible for the implementation of the proposal, representatives of assistance services, and approved organizations. The composition, organizational structure, and tasks of this Committee will be stipulated by a Grand Duchy regulation, which has not yet entered into force.
Currently, the Luxembourg authorities work on an analysis to determine the potential need for a national rapporteur to complement the work of the Committee to monitor trafficking in human beings.

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