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Looking back at the Czech Presidency

Overview of priorities and activities of the Ministry of the Interior during the Czech Presidency 

 The Ministry of the Interior organised or participated in organising more than 70 events under the auspices of the Czech Presidency. These events varied in form and included expert seminars, informal meetings of specialists and senior leaders, conferences bringing together both experts and Ministers, and official Ministerial meetings. They were held mainly in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. In the Czech Republic, we used locations in Brno, Český Krumlov, the Zbiroh Chateau, Kroměříž, Hradec Králové and mainly Prague, where the events were held not only in the Prague Congress Centre, but also at Žofín, in the National Archive or the Liechtenstein Palace hosting the EU and USA Ministerial Meeting.

Altogether, some 4 thousand delegates from 48 countries of the world participated in these events.

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