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Erasing data concerning the foreign national’s registered address

Current information can now also be found on the Infromation Portal for Foreigners

At the petition of the owner or the person authorised to use the building or flat, the MOI deletes the data about the registered location of a foreign national’s residence, if the right to use the building, or the defined part, in which the foreign national is registered to be residing, is defunct and the foreign national is not using this building or its defined part. The petitioner is obliged to prove the existence of the given reason.

In case of holders of permanent residence permit, EU citizens and their family members with temporary residence permit the petition is decided upon in an administrative proceeding in which both the accommodation provider and the foreign national participants.

The petition to delete the registered location of a foreign national’s residence must be filed in accordance with the Administrative Code (e.g. in writing, personally or electronically with a certified electronic signature) at the MOI office according to the accommodation address. The request should be submitted on a completed form.

Petiton to delete the registered location of foreign national’s residence is subject to administrative fee of 100 CZK (item 2 letter d) of scale of fees) per person. The administrative fee is collected in the form of revenue stamp already when the petition is filed.

As far as the holders of long term visa, long term residence permit (including blue and employee card)  are  concerned, the petiton to delete the registered location of their residence is the incentive  for revocation of  their residence permit or visa.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, August 2nd, 2023

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