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Information about change of operation of MOI offices from May 18th, 2020 to July 16th, 2020



There will be still extraordinary rules after the end of status of emergency up to at least July 16th, 2020 (especially personal contact restriction) during visits of offices of the Ministry of the Interior dealing with foreigners´ residence permits.

Entry to the offices of the Ministry of the Interior will not be allowed to the foreign nationals during 14 days after return or arrival to the Czech Republic due to preventive reasons.

It will be possible to visit office of the Ministry of the Interior only by prior ordering. It is still possible to send submissions by post or to data box of Ministry of the Interior.

You can still arrange your appointment by phone or electronically at:, if online ordering is available at locally assigned office of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.


  1. Issuing of the bridging label for traveling abroad from the Czech Republic, for workers in international transport, workers of critical infrastructure or for requirements of state authorities of the Czech Republic. Purpose must be proven.

  2. Take-over of the document delivered by public notice.

  3. Issuing of departure order, if period for traveling abroad from the Czech Republic was determined by decision to the foreign national.

  4. Submission of application for long-term visa, long-term residence permit or permanent residence for child born in the territory of the Czech Republic (§ 88 of the Act on the Residence of Foreign nationals in the Czech Republic).

  5. If foreign national was invited to submit original of travel document or original of registration document.

Tasks, which is not possible to make an appointment to (at least to July 16th, 2020) and foreign national will solve them only by remote access (it will be sent by post or to data box of Ministry of the Interior):

  • Submission of application for extending the validity of a permanent residence card

  • Reporting loss, theft of residence permit

  • Reporting change of address, change in marital status, change of travel document and other changes

  • Submission of application for change in document or submission of spare document for the lost document, theft document or dameged document

You can find more information here.


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