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There has been established National Rapporteur in Finland; it is operational since 1 January 2009.The task was given to the Ombudsman for Minorities, who is an independent actor. Specific legislation to this effect was introduced and came into effect 1 Jan 2009.
The National Rapporteur is independent and participates in the national coordinating committee as an observer. NR also has a right to receive all information needed from authorities and also, with some restrictions, from NGOs involved in activities against THB.
The reason, why Ombudsman for Minorities was appointed to become NR is, that it was more practical and less time-consuming to give the task to an already existing independent organ, who already has in many ways comparable activities (supervising the legality of actions by authorities and others, collecting information, assisting victims) and has good access to even classified information.
The tasks were incorporated through legal amendments in the law governing the Ombudsman´s activities. Resources continue to be discussed with the “host” Ministry, Ministry for the Interior.
The financial and also human resources come from the Ministry for the Interior. A permanent position of a Senior Expert has been established in the National Rapporteurs/ Ombudsman´s Office for this purpose. 
The actual activities have not commenced yet. It is true that the instruments are “soft”, recommendations, suggestions etc., and it remains to be seen to which effect they will be respected in practice. So far the Government has had a very positive attitude towards the new function. The proposal to establish a post of a NR was initiated through a Governmental Action Plan on THB in 2008.

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