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EU Project: Identifying Needs of Medical First Responders in Disasters

Project summary, final report, presentations 


Project objectives

Manmade, as well as natural disasters occur more and more often. The medical response is an initial component of the overall response. Medical First Responders are presented daily with new and more complex challenges while preparing for and responding to those disasters.

The objective of the project is to identify the needs of the fi rst responders in five key areas, and to match those needs with existing knowledge, technology and products. The end product of the project will be a roadmap, suggested to the European Commission Enterprise General Directorate, pointing out areas where future Research and Developments activities are required.

Areas of esearch and development:
1. Training Methodology and Technology
2. The Human Impact of Disasters
3. Law and ethics
4. Personal Protective Equipment
5. Use of Blood and Blood Components in Disasters



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