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EU Blue cards

Information for applicants for a EU Blue card 


Extension of the validity of Blue Card

An application for extension of validity of long term residence permit (including Blue Card) shall be submitted in period of 120 days before end of validity of your long term residence permit till the end of the last day of the validity of the permit.

If the last day of validity of your Blue Card is public holiday (Saturday, Sunday, holiday), it is possible to submit the application via mail (at the Post Office) at the last day of this term. If you are not able to lodge the application in due time for reasons beyond your control, you are entitled to lodge the application within 5 working days after the cessation of such reasons. You can submit an application even earlier than 120 days before expiry the validity of authorization in justifiable cases. You are obliged to communicate the reasons for later presentation and for earlier presentation of an application with the Ministry of Interior.

With the application for an extension of validity of an EU Blue Card, you should primarily submit:

  1. a travel document,

  2. a proof of accommodation for the period of your stay in the Czech Republic,

  3. an employment contract for employment requiring high qualifications signed for a period of at least one year for a legally set working week, which further contains the amount of the agreed gross monthly or annual wage corresponding to at least 1.5 times the average gross annual wage declared by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

  4. documents confirming high qualifications,

  5. if it concerns carrying out a regulated occupation, a document on meeting the conditions for carrying out such an occupation (note: the MOI decides on issuing a Blue Card after the statement by the relevant authority on recognising qualifications has been issued),

  6. in case your employer is a job agency and you will be temporarily allocated to another employer, a document in which there is your name, surname, former surname, citizenship, birthdate, birthplace and place of your stay in the territory of the Czech Republic (address). There have to be stated a kind of work you will do, place of work, the name of the (another) employer and its registered office in this document as well. You can find a form of this document here.

If you meet the conditions for extending the validity of the long-term residence permit, then, upon being invited, you are obliged to report in person to the MOI to process the data necessary for issuing the residence permit, including providing biometric data and a digital signature; a signature is not taken if, in so doing, you are prevented by a barrier that is difficult to overcome.

You are obliged to report at the MOI within a set time period, though no later than 60 days after providing biometric data, to receive your residence card.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, May 9th, 2022

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