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EU Blue cards

Information for applicants for a EU Blue card 


Termination of employment, change in employer or placement

Termination of employment

If the holder of an EU Blue Card terminates his/her employment during the period of its validity, he/she is required to report this fact to the Ministry of the Interior within three working days. This obligation also applies in case of change in employer and start of a new employment what means a termination of the original employment. During the first two years of his/her stay, all these changes are subject to prior consent of the Ministry of the Interior.


Change in employer or placement

1. During first two years of stay

Change in an employer or change in placement of a Blue Card holder is subject to consent of the Ministry of Interior during the first two years of stay. Ministry gives approval to changes based on a request submitted by the Blue Card holder, in case he/she still meets all the requirements for issuing this card.

One of the conditions is that the position has to be listed in a register of vacancies available for Blue Card holders - issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. This means that the employer has to enter this position to the register of vacancies available for Blue Card holders. Applicant has to specify the number of the new position to his/her application for a change in employer.

The request for approval of changes can be made through the Blue Card Application where you fill all the details in and mark the option O souhlas se změnou zaměstnavatele nebo zařazení / For a consent to a change in employer or placement.

The application for change in employer or placement must be submitted together with:

  • an employment contract for a job requiring a high qualification for a term of at least one year and the statutory weekly work hours. The agreed gross monthly or annual salary must correspond to at least a 1.5 multiple of the gross annual salary in the Czech Republic announced by a Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs;

  • a document to demonstrate the high qualification required for the selected job - submit a university diploma only in case you are changing to a job with different professional focus. (For example in case you are a civil engineer and you are willing to work as a civil engineer, you do not have to submit the diploma. In case you are simultaneously an engineer and a doctor and your Blue Card was issued for a job position - engineer, however you wish to work as a doctor, you have to submit a diploma proving your qualification in medicine);

  • proof of accommodation - submit only in case it has changed.

There is no application fee. The decision on the application should be issued within 30 days, in case of complex decisions in 60 days.

In case of positive decision, you will be left with your original card with the original validity. There is no need to request a new card.


2. After two years of stay

After two years of stay the holder of a Blue Card is obliged to report the changes to Ministry of the Interior within three working days by filling the appropriate form (only in Czech), which has to be submitted at the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) office.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, May 9th, 2022

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