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EU Blue cards

Information for applicants for a EU Blue card 


Dismissal of your application for a long-term residence permit - Blue Card

The Ministry of Interior will dismiss an application for a long-term residence permit if:

  1. foreigner submitted falsified or altered documents or if the information essential for the assessment of the application did not reflect reality, or

  2. the job position in question does not require high qualification that under special legislation may be filled by a foreign national who is not a citizen of the European Union or

  3. the applicant is an persona non grata, or

  4. the applicant appears in the Schengen Information System, or

  5. there is reasonable threat that the foreigner might endanger national security, seriously disrupt public order or endanger the international relations of the Czech Republic or

  6. there is a reasonable threat that the foreigner could during his stay in the CR endanger the security of another Member State or seriously disturb public order or endanger the international relations of the Member States, or

  7. there is reasonable suspicion that the foreigner suffers from a disease that is listed in the list established by a decree of the Ministry of Health, or

  8. the applicant fails without serious reasons to appear for questioning, refuses to testify or gives false testimony or

  9. the applicant does not meet the conditions for this permit.

In the event of a negative assessment of your application submitted to the Ministry of Interior, you will receive a decision on the dismissal of your application by post to the address specified in the application as contact address. You have the right to appeal against this decision in a period of 15 days from the receipt of the decision. Appeals can be submitted in person or sent by post to the Ministry of Interior office.

If the Ministry of Interior does not find your objections against the decision as reason to change its decision, it will submit all materials related to the processing of your application to the Commission for decision-making in matters of residence of foreigners, that will express its opinion and submit the case to the Minister of the Interior for his decision. You will receive the decision of the Minister of Interior.


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