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An equivalent mechanism exists in
Estonia since 2006. The task of the national coordinator of the national development plan is also to evaluate the implementation of the development plan, give response to different questionnaires, data requests, give overview of the statistic related to THB and co-ordinate the overall work in the field. The national co-ordinator is an adviser at the Ministry of Justice, Criminal Policy Department. Her tasks involve also many other obligations, such as criminal policy analysis, statistics, better regulation etc.
National coordinator is related to the national network of combating THB. To the network belong also shelters that provide assistance to the victims of THB and communicate with their partners in foreign countries for safe return of victims. The national co-ordinator has an overview of all (new) cases, but does not practically involve in the assistance process, unless she’ll be contacted for getting the number of shelters etc.
There is close cooperation with all members of the national network. The position allows also critical evaluation of the implementation of the national development plan etc. Recently we have invited persons from the academy to the network for more independent and broader estimation of the activities and for giving feedback.

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