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112 emergency line

The 112 emergency line can be used to reach rescue workers in all EU member states. You may dial it from both land-lines and mobile phones. It is free throughout the EU. It allows for a determination of the location of the caller.

The 112 line is designed for any person located in the European Union and some other countries who finds himself in an emergency situation and needs urgent help of rescue or security services (firefighters, police and paramedics).

The 112 line can also be used if you do not speak Czech, as its operators speak different languages. You can call it from any phone, even if you do not have credit or a SIM card, or if you have a limited signal.


If you need to solve health problems or a crime etc., please contact directly the national emergency lines:

150 firefighters (more information you can find here)
155 paramedics
158 state police
156 municipal police

These services can also be reached through the 112 line.

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