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Election to Municipal Councils - Information for Voters

Nationals of Other States on the Manner of Voting in the Election to Municipal Councils to be held on 15 and 16 October 2010 

Using the Portable Ballot Box

Based on serious reasons, namely his/her health condition, a voter may ask Municipal Office or, during the days of election, the electoral district committee, for permission to vote out of the polling station. Such vote may take place solely within the territorial jurisdiction of the permanent electoral district for which the electoral district committee has been set up. In such case, the electoral district committee shall delegate to such voter two of its members with the portable ballot box, an official envelope and the ballot papers.
Voters registered in the special electoral rolls kept by diplomatic or consular authorities of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the „Diplomatic Authorities“) may not vote in the elections to municipal councils because they have been removed from the permanent electoral rolls kept by Municipal Offices due to their being registered in the special electoral rolls kept by Diplomatic Authorities. A voter who wants to be moved back on the permanent electoral roll kept by the Municipal Office needs to ask the relevant Diplomatic Authority to strike him/her out of the special electoral roll. Such voter shall present to the Municipal Office or, during the days of election, to the electoral district committee, a confirmation proving their removal from the special electoral roll.

General Administration Department, 9th August 2010

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