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Election to Municipal Councils - Information for Voters

Nationals of Other States on the Manner of Voting in the Election to Municipal Councils to be held on 15 and 16 October 2010 

Ballot Papers

The ballot papers for elections to municipal councils may be printed double-sided.
The municipality name and the number of the municipal council members to be elected shall be indicated in each ballot's heading. Candidates of each electoral party shall be listed on a common ballot in the order determined by the electoral party, in separate framed columns arranged side by side. Where there are too many electoral parties, the columns may continue in the next row. An electoral party can be a political party, a political movement, a coalition thereof, or an association of political parties or political movements and independent candidates, an individual person standing as an independent candidate or an association of independent candidates. The candidates' membership in political parties or political movements shall be indicated in abbreviations on the ballots. The abbreviations with the respective full names will be provided on the reverse side of an informational leaflet to be distributed to voters with the ballots.
An impression of a stamp of the Municipal Office functioning as the registering office for the municipality shall be affixed to the ballots below the text.
Mayors of the municipalities shall distribute the ballots to the voters three days before the polling day at the latest (12 October 2010). When in the polling station, voters may ask the electoral district committee to provide them with new ballots instead of ballots that are lost or damaged.

General Administration Department, 9th August 2010

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