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Election to Municipal Councils - Information for Voters

Nationals of Other States on the Manner of Voting in the Election to Municipal Councils to be held on 15 and 16 October 2010 

Polling Station

The Mayor of each municipality shall notify voters of the time, date and place of the election in the municipality not later than fifteen days in advance of the polling day (30 September 2010) by means of a notice. Where more than one electoral district has been established on the territory of a municipality, the mayor shall specify the parts of the municipality that fall under each such electoral district and shall publish the notice in each of the parts. The notice shall indicate addresses of the polling stations.
The following information shall be posted at a visible place in each polling station: a ballot paper marked as „specimen“; candidates' notices of resignation or authorized representatives' notices of withdrawn candidates provided the notices have been delivered until 48 hours before the commencement of the election (Any votes cast in favour of such candidates shall be disregarded when the result of voting is being ascertained); information regarding any typos in the ballot, with the indication of the correct data. The polling station in each electoral district must be furnished with the Act No. 491/2001 Coll. on Elections to Representative Bodies of Municipalities and on Amendments to Certain Other Laws as amended to be presented upon request to any voter for inspection.

General Administration Department, 9th August 2010

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