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A specific National Rapporteur on trafficking in human beings has not been established in Denmark. However, in 2007 the Danish Government published its ´Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human beings 2007-2010´ and central divisions of the Danish Ministry of Justice and under the auspices of the Minister for Gender Equality were appointed with the task of reporting to the public and international partners, etc. the efforts within the area of criminal investigations and social assistance, respectively, regarding trafficking in human beings.
Criminal Investigation 
In 2006, the Danish National Police, which is under the Ministry of Justice, published a strategy on combating trafficking in human beings, and the National Centre of Investigation (NCI) of the Danish National Police is – in cooperation with the local police districts – responsible for criminal investigations regarding trafficking in human beings in Denmark.
The NCI receives reports from the local police districts in all cases regarding trafficking in human beings. In addition, the NCI monitors the area systematically, especially through regular contact with key appointed personnel in the local police districts. Through these efforts, the NCI holds a current status of the situation both locally and nationally regarding trafficking in human beings in Denmark.
Furthermore, the NCI collects data regarding trafficked human beings in order to prepare an overview and initiate criminal investigation where relevant. In addition, the NCI monitors all investigations regarding human trafficking and is therefore continuously aware of the current number of persons under investigation.
Finally, the NCI prepares an annual report both on specific and general efforts regarding trafficking in human beings, which contains among other things statistical information on the subject of trafficking in human beings, including the number of criminal investigations, prosecutions and convictions and an estimated total number of prostitutes in Denmark. The report is submitted to the Danish Parliament and afterwards made public.
In the view of the Danish National Police, the established mechanisms described are functioning well, and it is the view of the National Police that the NCI – taking into consideration its competences and general overview of the situation of trafficking in human beings in Denmark – would be able to participate in a European network of specialist on trafficking in human beings.
Social Assistance
The Danish Anti-Trafficking Centre (Center mod Menneskehandel) was officially established in 2007. The centre manages the social dimensions of the national Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking 2007 – 2010, and has three executive goals:  
  • To improve the social assistance to victims of human trafficking
  • To coordinate collaboration between social organizations and other public authorities
  • To collect and convey knowledge in the field of human trafficking
The centre is organized under the National Board of Social Services and reports to the Department of Gender Equality, which is under the Minister for the Gender Equality.

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