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Decree of the Ministry of the Interior No. 461/2008 Coll.

Decree of the Ministry of the Interior No. 461/2008 Coll., defining the list of the countries whose nationals are entitled to apply for green cards 

Pursuant to Section 182(1)(e) of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic and on changes to some Acts, as amended by the Act No. 382/2008 Coll., the Ministry of the Interior decrees:
Section 1
A foreign national who is a national of one of the following countries is entitled to apply for a green card:

  1. Australian Commonwealth;
  2. Monte Negro;
  3. Republic of Croatia;
  4. Japan;
  5. Canada;
  6. Republic of Korea;
  7. New Zealand;
  8. Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  9. Republic of Macedonia;
  10. United Stated of America;
  11. Serbia;
  12. Ukraine.

Section 2
This Decree becomes effective on 1 January 2009.
MUDr. Mgr. Ivan Langer, in his own hand

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