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Czech Presidency of the EU - News

Press releases and photos about current activities of the Ministry of Interior and its representatives during the Czech Presidency of the EU 

June 2009

Deputies of member statesDeputies of member states


  • Prague, 29th June 2009 – The meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior with the deputies of the embassies of the EU member states took  place on the occasion of the end of the Czech Presidency in the Council of the European Union. The Interior Minister Martin Pecina reminded there  the most important moments of the Czech Presidency and the deputy of the Swedish embassy Rolf Ericsson outlined the ideas of upcoming Swedish Presidency.
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Troika meetingTroika meeting


  • Prague, 16th - 18th June 2009 – The meeting of Troika DG took place on 16th June in order to coordinate  CZ PRES in EUPAN network with the presence of  France, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain.  In the two following days  took place the 52th meeting of chiefs executive responsible for public administration in the EU countries. During this meeting were presnted the succeses of the czech presidency  and   the future of EUPAN has been discussed. The countries of the EU, Norway and the representants of OECD, EGPA and EIPA took part in this meeting. The meeting was the last one during the Czech Presidency in the section of public administration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
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The conferenceThe conference


  • Berlin, June 2009 - The conference about indicators and experience with the monitoring of the integration policies in the EU member countries took place in Berlin as a Germany´s iniciative. The Czech Deputy Minister of the Interior Lenka Ptáčková Melicharová gave a speech at the conferece because the support of setting up indicators is one of the priorities of the Czech presidency in the area of integration of foreigners. The conference is considered as a very succesful one thanks to expressing the will to overcome the differences in the approach of the member countries as well as an attempt to setup the basic set of indicators of integration in EU.

Friends of VISFriends of VIS


  • Prague, 12th June 2009 – The meeting of a workgroup Friends of VIS took place at the Ministry of the Interior. The group deals with the preparation of the Visa Information System (VIS). Representatives from the EU member countries, Norway, Switzerland and the European Commission took part in the meeting. The workgroup recapitulated the state of the preparation of the VIS project in the all member countries and the EC as well and confirmed 21st December 2009 as a date of launching the VIS. The group also discussed the matter of the information campaign and VIS training.
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JHA CouncilJHA Council

  • Luxembourg, 4th June - The last meeting of the JHA council chaired by the Czech presidency took part in Luxembourg. The Minister of the Interior Martin Pecina stated: “I can gladly announce that we have today managed to find an agreement in solving very difficult topics. We have determined the next course of the SIS system and we adopted conclusions about the exchange of information about accepting released from the Guantanamo facility. We have also discussed the illegal migration in the Mediterranean, first asylum package and European asylum support office."
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GreetingsTroika EU Ukraine

  • Luxembourg, 3rd June - The ministerial Troika EU – Ukraine on the level of Ministers of the Interior and Justice met in Luxembourg. The EU was represented by the Minister Martin Pecina, the Minister of Justice Daniela Kovářová, the Director General of the European Commission's Justice, Freedom and Security department and the representatives of Eurojust and Frontex. Sweden was also represented as a country whose presidency starts in July. The Ukrainian delegation was lead by the Minister of Justice Mykola Oniščuk and the Deputy Minister of the Interior Vasyl Marmazov. Discussed topics included fight against corruption and organized crime (drugs, human trafficking, money laundering), migration and asylum and the visa policy. Martin Pecina stated: “The area of justice, freedom and security in the key part of our partnership, we face common challenges in mobility and security”.
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Conference in PilsenConference in Pilsen

  • Pilsen, 3rd June - The expert conference Prevention and fight against human trafficking was held in the Congress center Parkhotel in Pilsen as a part of the Czech Presidency on Wednesday June 3rd. The conference was organized by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Representatives from Finland, Sweden and the USA participated at the conference. The Czech presidency was represented by the Head of Crime Prevention Department Jitka Gjuričová. Organized crime – human trafficking is one of the priorities for the presidency. The goal of the expert conference was to inform each other about the best practice and preventive measures in every EU member stat and the USA in the discussed matter. The conference was opened by the First Deputy Minister col.Jiří Komorous, the Director of the Alien Police col.Vladislav Husák and the Head of Crime Prevention Department Jitka Gjuričová.
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