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Confirmation of non - existence of arrears



Confirmation of non - existence of arrears of a foreign national or corporation the foreign national is a member of, is the obligatory annex to the application for long-term residence permit for the business purposes or for the purpose of investment.  It is also obligatory annex of the application for the prolongation of these residence permits.

Under the § 178e of the Act no 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals on the Territory of the Czech Republic a foreign national has no arrears if he/she have no debts registered by

  1. Financial administration,

  2. Customs administration,

  3. Health insurance company,

  4. Social Security administration.

With exemption of debts or arrears where the postponement of payment was permitted or the permission to pay the debt in installments was granted.

Non-existence of arrears can be proved by confirmations issued by Financial administration, by Customs administration, by respective Health insurance company and by Social security administration. Such confirmation shall be no older than 30 days to the day of submission of the application.

A foreign national is therefore obliged to annex to his/her application  for long-term residence permit for business purposes a confirmation issued by respective Financial office, Social security office and Customs office confirming he/she has no arrears (debts) registered.  Such confirmation issued by Health insurance company shall be annexed to the application only if the foreign national participates on public health insurance. The foreign national who applies for long-term residence permit as a statutory body of the corporation or its member shall in addition annex to his/ her application also confirmations of non-existence of arrears on the side his/her corporation.

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