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Common Programme of the French, Czech and Swedish Presidency

Common goals and remains in force during the whole 18-month period 

  1. General Infromation
  2. Contents of Operational Programme

General Infromation

Three following presidency countries are since January 2007 linked into so called Trio Presidency, which forms a presidency team for 18 months (during this period each country holds office for 6 months as usual). Countries of the Trio Presidency are obliged to present to the European Parliament not only their own 6-month programme but also a joint 18-month programme, which reflects their common goals and remains in force during the whole 18-month period.

The programme of French, Czech and Swedish Trio Presidency has as its main object to keep the continuity in enforcement of their common priorities. The “Trio countries” have set range of common goals and committed themselves to support them during the process of implementation. In this paper the Ministry of the Interior is concerned primarily with the chapter Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.
Besides this programme, there has been created also a programme for the external dimension of Justice and Home Affairs of the EU. This document represents general outline of activities in this field during the Trio Presidency. The essential idea of this programme is consensus of all partners on existence of relation between internal security of the Member States and external threats and challenges.

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