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In the field of RIA, the control role of the Board begins when a particular proposal is submitted by the drafting authority via the secretariat of the government (the Government Office) with the request to put it on the government’s agenda. The Board examines a submitted proposal and an accompanying RIA report on the basis of evaluation of its completeness, relevance of presented reasoning and data used in the form of a written opinion which makes a part of the statement of the Legislative Council of the Government.

The work of the Board is supported by its advisory body, e.g. the Permanent Committee for Regulatory Impact Assessments which examines submitted impact assessments and written opinions to them elaborated by the secretariat of the Board (the Department of Regulatory Reform and Public Administration Quality of the Ministry of Interior). The committee meets once a week and its members are nominated by the respective authorities who are statutory members of the Board. The written opinions reflecting the conclusions of the discussion within the Permanent Committee are sent subsequently by the Board’s secretariat within a written (per rollam) procedure for a final approval to all members of the Board.

In case of disapproval of the submitted reasoning in the RIA report, the Board recommends the Government to return the proposal to a submitting authority with the opinion, which is generally twofold: 

  •  The Board recommends the Government to return the proposal to the drafting authority with the request to revise it or complete the RIA study with missing parts on the basis of an elaborated opinion, or 
  • The Board declares a proposal as unnecessary and not eligible for the government’s approval due to excessive bureaucratic burden, which it would impose.

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