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Agendas in general

Agendas of the EU at the Ministry of the Interior in general 

Area of External Relations (JHA RELEX)

The current global security challenges require the EU to cooperate in justice and home affairs with third countries and international organizations in order to strengthen its internal security. For this reason the EU developed external dimension of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA RELEX).

Coordination of this agenda is rather challenging due to its cross-disciplinary nature. The competences in this field are shared among the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Priorities in the cooperation with third countries are set forth both in the EU Strategy for the external dimension of JHA and the Stockholm programme. From a geographical point of view, the CZ supports mainly further strengthening of practical cooperation with candidate countries, Western Balkan countries, Eastern Partnership countries and with strategic partners of the EU i.e. USA and Russian Federation.  

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