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Version 6.0.1 from May 26th, 2014


ISDOC – Czech national standard for e-invoicing

Copyright © 2014 ICT UNIE o.s.

Attached schemas and standard formally define exchange format for invoices and other types of documents. The format was created and it is further maintained by Working Group for Electronic Data Interchange Standards of ICT Unie o.s. (www.isdoc.cz).

Inquires can be sent to info@isdoc.cz.

Content of distribution


(Changes since version 5.3.1 from 2011-12-30)

  • Namespace changed to http://isdoc.cz/namespace/2013

  • References to orders (OrderReference), delivery notes (DeliveryNoteReference) and original documents (OriginalDocumentReference) are listed only globally. Line can contain reference (using ref attribute) to such globally defined reference identified by id attribute. Integrity between id and ref attribute values is checked by the schema.

  • Elements VATApplicable and ElectronicPossibilityAgreementReference are now mandatory in the schema (they are mandatory since version 5.3, but this was not formalized in the schema).

  • Order of TaxSubTotal subelements is more consistent now.

  • OriginalDocumentReference element must be always enclosed in OriginalDocumentReferences element.

  • Added ClientBankAccount element for large issuers of B2C invoices.

  • Added SubDocumentType and SubDocumentTypeOrigin elements.

  • Added the following elements: EgovFlag, FileReference, ReferenceNumber, ISDS_ID, EgovClassifiers, EgovClassifier, ContractReferences, ContractReference, LastValidDate, LastValidDateUnbounded, ExternalOrderIssueDate, ParagraphID, SealSeriesID.

  • Added new partialPayment attribute to Payment element. This attribute can be used for specifying that partial payment is not allowed.

  • Element order inside Invoice was changed.

  • PartyTaxScheme element can be repeated when subject has several identifiers.

  • ISDOC archives (.isdocx) must use manifest.

  • Added new document type for nonpayment documents (CommonDocument element).

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