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Another 11 patients from Ukraine landed in Prague

On Thursday 6 March 2014 a CASA military aircraft with Ukrainian patients accompanied by a specialized team of military doctors and specialized medical staff landed in Prague as an extension of the MEDEVAC program organized by Czech ministries of interior, defense, healthcare and foreign affairs.  

The second part of Czech help to Ukraine will enable medical treatment of other Ukrainians injured during the protest movement in Kiev. Czech government allocated 8.5 million CZK to treat another 11 patients as an addition to the first 27 who has been treated in the Czech Republic since last week. 
"I am pleased that the government approved an increase in funding for the MEDEVAC program. The money is intended for transportation, medical expenses in the Czech Republic and the patient's return to their homeland. I know that the situation in Ukraine is still very complicated and therefore I am pleased that we are able to help at least this way," explains the Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec. 
Patients will be treated at the General University Hospital in Prague (4 patients), University Hospital Motol (4) and the Central Military Hospital (3). 
MEDEVAC program administered by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the ministries of health, foreign affairs and defense. Program since 1993, when it began as a reaction to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by the war in Kosovo. Extending the program to Syria approved by the government in 2012. In the Czech Republic under the MEDEVAC were treated in 2012–2013 a total of twelve Syrian patients, namely two adults injured in May 2012, four children and six adults injured in late 2012. In December 2013 they were joined by two Syrian brothers and sisters. After the conflict in Ukraine, the Czech 27 February 2014, 27 patients from among the demonstrators and 6 March 2014 they added another eleven. 

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