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Leaving the Czech Republic with a Departure Order - transit by ground

If you received a decision, based on which you are to leave the Czech Republic, in the case of an administrative expulsion you must leave the EU. Given the fact that it is not possible to transit through other Schengen countries with a Departure Order that you were issued, it is possible to take advantage of a special mechanism allowing for a transit by ground through other Schengen countries (i.e. by car, bus, train etc.).

If you intend to depart within the period specified in the Departure Order by ground (not by air) and you intend to use this mechanism, turn to the nearest Foreign Police office (not the Ministry of Interior office!) at least 10 days prior to your scheduled departure. Bring your travel document and the original decision, based on which you are to depart the Czech Republic / EU. You should also have an idea of the approximate date and route of your travel.

You may also request to use this mechanism after the end of an appellate procedure, termination of a law-suit or a cassation complaint (in case of international protection proceedings), if you were issued a DepartureOrder and you truly intend to depart from the Czech Republic.

The possibility of transit by ground is not arranged on the spot, and you should expect to make at least one more visit to the relevant Foreign Police office to collect special forms that you will need to carry out your journey.

Prevent the loss the travel forms!

More information may be provided by any Foreign Police office.


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