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International conference „eID and Public Registers“

The “eID and Public Registers" conference is organized by the Ministry of Interior of the CR in cooperation with the European Commission. The conference started with an informal dinner held in Prague on April 6, 2009. The following day, on April 7, it continues in Hradec Králové at the occasion of the 12th Annual Conference “Internet in Public Administration and Self-administration”. 

This important activity under the auspices of the Czech Presidency wishes to present the recent development and the future aspirations in the field of eID (electronic identification) and public registers. Compatibility of the national eID systems across Europe is perceived as a basis not only for the future development of the Europe-wide service market but also for evolution of the information society. The conference - in line with the Czech Presidency motto – wishes to remove at least some of the current barriers in the field of eGovernment in Europe. For example, the mutual recognition of electronic identity across the border still remains a dream and its introduction to the benefit of over 500 million Europeans will require much effort. The “eID and Public Registers" conference will be attended by all stakeholders as well as by representatives of most important projects and initiatives targeted at the electronic identification.
The conference will be launched by Ivan Langer, Minister of Interior of the Czech Republic, Fabio Colasanti, Director General for Information Society and Media, Directorate General of the European Commission, and Oldřich Vlasák, President of the Association of Towns and Municipalities.
There will be 11 presentations by leading European experts in electronic identification and public registers.
Jana Malíková
Director of the PR and Press Department

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