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The Czech Government´s Migration Policy Principles

Principle 1
With regard to international obligations which are to arise from the EU membership, the Czech Republic consistently fosters government control in the field of migration.
Principle 2
The country's migration policy is based on the coordinated approach of all state administration bodies and local governments and institutions and is promoted by other entities dealing with immigration.
Principle 3
The country's migration policy is aimed at eliminating all forms of illegal immigration and other illicit activities by means of measures taken on the basis of international cooperation as well as measures adopted at the national level.
Principle 4
The country's migration policy does not hinder legal migration and supports those forms of immigration that are beneficial to the country and society in the long term.
Principle 5
The implementation of the country's migration policy is conditional upon the mass involvement of non-governmental and other organisations of the civic society.
Principle 6
The Czech Republic is involved in global and European communities' efforts aimed at coping with migration-related consequences of humanitarian crises and eliminating the reasons for such phenomena.

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