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Platí 1. stupeň ohrožení terorismem

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Coronavirus: An overview of the Main Disinformation Narratives in the Czech Republic (updated in December 2021)

As a unit of the Ministry of the Interior, the Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats (CTHH) is only concerned with disinformation related to internal security. 

However, following a decision by the Minister of the Interior, it has previously expanded its scope to include the detection and analysis of disinformation narratives related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The CTHH published an overview of the main disinformation narratives regarding the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The increase in interest in the topic of COVID-19, accompanying the development of events around this disease, such as the new measures taken by the government and the vaccination of the population, is also reflected in more disinformation, fabrications or manipulations and their new variations. As concrete steps are taken to minimise the impact of the pandemic, they become subject to disinformation, whose impact on citizens' behaviour represent a serious security problem and an obstacle to the successful management of the crisis. Disinformation narratives have become a mainstay of the ideology of extremist groups and have led to the radicalisation of sections of the public. This manifests itself not only in the online environment but also in real life in the form of aggression towards people involved in the fight against the difficult epidemic. 

In this situation, the CTHH presents an overview that aims to raise public awareness of the narratives that constitute the vectors of the influence of disinformation. While the messages that make up these narratives are not necessarily disinformation in all cases (and often by their very nature are not refutable), they always end up painting a one-sided and (at the very least) misleading picture of the situation.

The basic frameworks within which disinformation media coverage has long been taking place are:

  • The questioning or demonization of epidemic measures.
  • Opposition to approved vaccines.
  • The devaluation of official or mainstream information relating to the pandemic.

Specifically, the following long-standing narratives have been identified by the CTHH (this is a list of individual types; in fact, detected messages often exhibit a combination of several narratives).

Disinformation regarding vaccines

1. Western vaccine companies are not trustworthy
CLAIM: Western producers of vaccines against COVID-19 are not trustworthy, have dark pasts and sinister interests, or are in the grip of evil global elites. Companies and the pharmaceutical lobby are trying to hide the existence of COVID-19 drugs because they will make more profit from vaccination.

EXAMPLE:5 International Alert Report on COVID-19. Source: CFP; An almost forgotten scandal: in 2009, the Baxter Corporation delivered vaccines infected with a deadly virus to the Czech Republic, only coincidentally without catastrophe. Subsequently, the company was bought by today's "messiah" Pfizer! Source: New World Order Opposition

2. Vaccines are unreliable and ineffective
CLAIM: Vaccines have been developed too quickly and have not been sufficiently tested, so they may be ineffective or outright harmful and cannot be trusted. Vaccinated people can become infected and therefore vaccination is completely dysfunctional and unnecessary, if not counterproductive.

EXAMPLE:The abuse of human lives in the name of scientific, military and power games. Source: Svobodné noviny; NO MORE LIES ABOUT VACCINES. Source: CFP

3. Vaccines are dangerous for the vaccinated
CLAIM: COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous, have serious long-term side effects, and cause AIDS, polio, paralysis, Alzheimer's disease, infertility, or death. Many vaccinated people have died as a result of the vaccine. Vaccines are particularly lethal for certain groups of people (seniors, children, pregnant women). Vaccines based on mRNA negatively affect human DNA, and the effects take many years to become apparent. Vaccines contain unwanted components such as tracking chips, magnetic metals or aborted fetal tissue harmful to health. Vaccination aims to enslave or exterminate the population.

EXAMPLE:Peter Weis: Only a fool will get vaccinated against covid after this. Source: AC24; Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles in vaccination and some other details. Source: Česko bez cenzury

4. Vaccinated people are dangerous to their surroundings
CLAIM: Vaccinated people are incubators for COVID-19 and new mutations, so vaccination aids the virus in spreading and mutating. Dangerous substances in vaccines can spread from vaccinated to unvaccinated people through human contact and can cause serious health complications or, in the case of pregnant women, even spontaneous abortion. The 'cure' for these 'vaccine-borne pathogens' (e.g. spike proteins) is supposed to be, for example, decoctions of pine needles, star anise, disinfectants and possible combinations of these and similar ingredients.

EXAMPLE: Consequences of vaccination and others to COVID, perhaps quite serious. Source: CFP; All those vaccinated are dangerous to the unvaccinated because vaccines are transmissible and can be infectious - that's the real pandemic. Source: New World Order Opposition

5. Russian (and possibly Chinese) vaccines are discriminated against for political reasons
CLAIM: The Sputnik V vaccine is cheaper, more effective and safer than other vaccines, but the EU and the Czech Republic do not want to approve and use it on ideological principles because it is from Russia. They would rather let people die than approve it.

EXAMPLE: EMA is unequivocal - Sputnik must not pass!  Source:  New World Order Opposition; Opinion and decision: either the best Sputnik V vaccine or nothing! I will not be blackmailed! Source: Skrytá pravda

Disicnformation regarding COVID-19 disease

1. The coronavirus was developed artificially/as a biological weapon
CLAIM: The virus was developed as a biological weapon (by Americans, global elites, B. Gates, etc.) to change the world order or to reduce the human population on Earth. This is being done as part of the so-called Great Reset, the installation of a New World Order, divine punishment, etc. Coronavirus mutations are newly evolved, more contagious viruses.

EXAMPLE:No need to hold onto your hats, they flew away long ago. Zdroj: New World Order Opposition.

2. The COVID-19 disease is not viral
CLAIM: COVID-19 is spread by parasites, bacteria, chemtrails, 5G networks, etc. The evidence is the higher concentration of 5G transmitters, the positive reaction of patients to the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin, and so on.

EXAMPLE:The greatest and most insidious attempt in human history, falsely passed off as Covid. Source: Vox Populi.

3. The epidemic is fake, the situation is not serious
CLAIM: COVID-19 is common influenza with a limited spread; it is not dangerous and easy to cure. The epidemic is exaggerated, the situation is not severe, the number of deaths is not much different from previous years, more people are dying from other diseases. The reason for the unreasonable exaggeration of the epidemic is the desire of governments to introduce totalitarian measures and the desire of pharmaceutical companies to make profits.

EXAMPLE:In Germany, 4000 ICU beds were "lost" in a year. That's how you "make" a crisis in hospitals. Source: Česká věc.

4. The coronavirus is a cover for limiting civil liberties and establishing a totalitarian state
CLAIM: The coronavirus does not exist/is not dangerous/was artificially created to restrict human rights and freedoms and establish a totalitarian regime. The restriction of rights is worse than during the Nazi occupation and the communist era, and the police are the Gestapo. The unvaccinated are second class citizens, much like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

EXAMPLE:Is the totalitarian period coming? Source: Pravý prostor.

5. Alternative medicine and other unproven practices are the right prevention/treatment for COVID-19
CLAIM: Thermal stickers, bleach, disinfectant, chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver, homoeopathic remedies, drugs not approved for this disease, frequency generators, and other similar devices and procedures falling under the field of so-called alternative medicine can be used to treat COVID-19.

EXAMPLE:Dandelion leaf extract blocks the binding of spike proteins to the surface of ACE2 cells.  Source: Tadesco.

Disinformation on epidemic measures and their justification

1. Epidemic measures are futile and counterproductive
CLAIM: Epidemic measures will not protect the population from infection; on the contrary, they will kill more people than the virus. In other countries, epidemic measures are mild and the situation is calm.

EXAMPLE:Shock from the CSO: After the isolation of nursing homes last autumn and the start of vaccination of the elderly in the Czech Republic, there has been an incredible and frightening 45% increase in their mortality rate in the first 17 weeks of this year! CSO statistics reveal a strange correlation, as the data shows that seniors began dying massively just after the lockdowns began, when no one was allowed to visit them! The statistics will blow your mind and knock your teeth out! Why, in fact, almost half as many seniors have died on average in lockdowns, which were supposed to protect them, as have died outside of lockdowns. Source: Aeronet.

2. Wearing a mask harms health and does not reduce the risk of disease transmission
CLAIM: Wearing masks/respirators damages immunity, prevents proper oxygenation of the body and the excretion of toxic substances, and can cause serious health effects and even death. Wearing masks does not help; it is just a symbol of muzzling and a manifestation of trying to silence people.

EXAMPLE:Arguments against masks Source: New World Order Opposition.

3. Testing for COVID-19 is unnecessary/health threatening
CLAIM: The tests are the source of the infection or of other pathogens. The more testing, the more the coronavirus spreads. The tests cannot detect the coronavirus. The testing involves inserting chips into the body.

EXAMPLE:Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles in vaccination and some other details. Source: Vox Populi.

4. Statistics on the number of deaths from COVID-19 are manipulated  
CLAIM: Official statistics are deliberately flawed, exaggerated and manipulated to spread fear and panic by the government. Hospitals are, in fact, empty. Hospitals report patients with other problems as COVID patients because they collect more money for them. Official statistics are being arbitrarily inflated to suit the government's intentions.

EXAMPLE:In the Czech Republic, there was a failure of the PES system and when it was reinstated, the reproductive situation suddenly jumped back to level 4 and the government is restricting citizens again! Source: Aeronet.

5. The EU worsens the pandemic situation
CLAIM: The EU is unable to respond effectively to the crisis, it is only harming and preventing an effective tackling of the situation. It is doing so through bureaucratic delays and efforts to prevent the use of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in the EU.

EXAMPLE:Strange events around the vaccines and international politics. Source: Nová republika.

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