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Improvement of preconditions for decentralisation and availability of public administration in the territory

(Zlepšení podmínek pro decentralizaci a dostupnost veřejné správy v území) 



Project number: GG-PDP1-001

Project is funded from EEA Grants 2014 - 2021, Programme Godd Governance.

Project description:

The project aims at the field of public administration. The goal of the project is to reflect needs of the citizens in the localisation of public services. Population movement is tracked in spatial patterns, which will help to define proper settings of public services and their distribution in the territory. For this purpose a high-quality analysis based on current and valid data is needed. Therefore, a purchase of data from geolocation network of the mobile operators in the form of public procurement comprises an important part of the project.

According to the analysis of daily commuting streams of inhabitants based on the purchased data, various models of the distribution of public services will be elaborated. The objective of the project is to prepare particular proposals and recommendations for the distribution of public administration services and especially the territorial arrangement of authorities for their best coordination, performance and accessibility for citizens based on the aforementioned models.

Project duration: 1.2.2020 - 31.1.2024

Project partners:

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim)
  • Noroff Education AS (Kristiansand)
  • Western Norway Research Institute (Sogndal)


  1. Gaining experience
    Within the first activity, partnership cooperation with Norwegian institution will be initiated. The newly established Expert Panel (NOR-EP) composed of experts from project partners will play an import role in the project. Its members will act as an advisory board providing relevant know-how in the field of using geolocation data of mobile operators. Their knowledge will be transferred to the Czech conditions. The output of this activity will be an initial version of the methodological document, describing the requirements on geolocation data.

  2. Transfer and knowledge sharing in using big data
    Gained experience in this agenda will be shared within newly established Multidisciplinary Platform (CZ-MP) which puts together Czech experts from self-government, academic and state sector. CZ-MP will support activities of the Ministry of Interior in elaboration of the final version of the methodological document. The data requirements included in the document will represent the main input to the public procurement for the purchase of geolocation data.

  3. Analysis of the movements and distribution of the population in time
    The geolocation data of mobile operators purchased from the public procurement provides information about the population movement and its spatial patterns. The data will be analysed by the team from the Ministry of Interior. Advanced geographical approaches will be applied on the data in order to identify the daily commuting relationships between individual settlements in the territory. The outputs of this activity will be the set geolocation data and consequently the analytical document based on this database.

  4. Formulation of specific proposals for the optimisation of the decentralisation of the public services provision
    According to the geographical analysis of spatial patterns of population behaviour, new models of spatially oriented distribution of public administration will be described.
    The resulting proposals are expected to be included in strategic and conceptual documents in the field of public administration on the national level. E.g. Strategy of Client-Oriented Public Administration 2030.

  5. Presentation of results
    The activities to promote the project are included in the scope of its implementation. Particular outputs of the project will be regularly presented on several working groups, platforms and especially on annually organized conference by MoI "Modern Public Administration".

Target groups:

  • Public authorities
  • Public
  • Civil society organizations
  • Politicians on national or regional level


Project outcomes:


Contact persons:


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