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Is my license valid in the CR? May I/do I have to replace it with a Czech driving license?



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More information on driving licenses may be found in the brochure entitled "Information for foreigners in the Czech Republic", where you may also find contacts for the respective offices and the Ministry of Transport that you will need when exchanging your driving license.
Since the agenda of driving licenses falls exclusively under the Ministry of Transport, the MOI will not provide further details. If you do not find answers to your questions in the Information brochure, please contact the Ministry of Transport.
*Normal residence in the Czech Republic means the place of permanent residence, or, if the person does not have permanent residence in the Czech Republic, it is the place where
  1. a person lives for at least 185 days in each calendar year, because of personal and occupational ties, or, in the case of a person with no occupational ties, because of personal ties which show close links between that person and the place where he/she is living
  2. However, the normal residence of a person whose occupational ties are in a different place from his personal ties and who consequently lives in turn in different places situated in two or more Member States shall be regarded as being the place of his personal ties, provided that such person returns there regularly. This last condition need not be met where the person is living in a Member State in order to carry out a task of a definite duration.
**Driving license description specified in the Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna, 1968):
  • The national driving license has to be in a form of a document.
  • The license has to be made of paper or plastic. For plastic driving licenses, the 54 x 86 mm format should be applied. Their colour should be pink.
  • The front side of the license should say “Driving license” in the national language (or languages) of the country issuing the license.
  • The driving license has to include the following data numbered in the order specified below:
1.         Surname;
2.         Name, other names;
3.         Date and place of birth (may be replaced with other data specified by national legislation);
4. (a)    Date of issuance;
4. (b)   Date of expiration;
4. (c)    Name or stamp of the authority issuing the license;
5.         License number;
6.         Holder´s photo;
7.         Holder´s signature;
9.         Groups (sub-groups) of vehicles for which the license applies;
12.       Additional information or limitations for each vehicle group (sub-group) in a form of a code.
  • If the national legislation requires further information, they have to be stated in the driving license under the following numbers:
4. (d)   Identification number for the purposes of registration other than the number stated under number 5 of paragraph 4
8.         The place of usual residence
10.       Date of issuance for each vehicle group (sub-group);
11.       Date of expiration for each vehicle group (sub-group);
13.       Information for registration in case of change of usual residence;
14.       Information for registration or other information related to road traffic safety.
  • All information in the driving license must be written in Latin alphabet. In case of other alphabets, the information has to be re-written in Latin alphabet.
If the driving license issued by a foreign country fails to comply with the aforementioned “Conventions”, it is not possible to drive vehicles in the Czech Republic with it, and therefore it is not possible to get it replaced for a Czech driving license. In the given case, if its holder intends to drive vehicles in the Czech Republic, they must take the courses and training in a driving school, pass an examination of professional qualification to drive motorized vehicles and then apply for the issuance of a driving license.

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